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poll: Which is Worse - Closing Highways or Pools for Political Reasons?

Thursday, January 09, 2014


Which is Worse - closing Highways or Pools for Political Reasons?

  •     274 vote - Taveras' decision to close pools to punish members of the City Council
  •     135 vote - Christie Admin's decision to close a highway lane to punish a Mayor

The leading news story in America centers around members of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's staff closing lanes on the highway to punish a Democratic Mayor for not supporting the Governor.

Sound familiar?

This past summer, two Democratic members of the Providence City Council charged that the City pools in their wards were closed by the Taveras Administration as punishment for not supporting the Mayor's tax increase.

Both Providence Council members Davian Sanchez and Sabina Mattos claim Taveras punished their neighborhoods.

As GoLocal reported in October, City Councilman Davian Sanchez said he was told by the Mayor's office would be cemented if he didn't vote for the budget.
"I was told by an aide of the Mayor -- who was just a messenger -- that if I didn't vote for the budget, the pool would be closed, and ultimately cemented," said Sanchez.

Which of these political episodes are worse? Your turn to vote.


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G Godot

I would say that Christie is "lacking in core beliefs" but for those which facilitate election, but I must admit that if it takes a street fighter to put down the money showering, vote buying, race bating, class envy shilling dumbo's then ..... have AT it. This little dog any pony show tells me his staff, at least, will go for the throat.
BTW if the former mayor, Mumbles, of Boston did this (there's an interesting story about the opening of a drawbridge) it would be nothing more than a source of amusement for the left wing press with comments such as "politics is a blood sport" passed around together with "knowing glances". Ain't it AWFUL, unless OUR side did it.

Jimmy LaRouche

To quote, "What does it matter at this point?"

Wuggly Ump

You forgot to throw in closing open air memorials in Washington, DC.

Wuggly Ump

I'm no Christie fan, but do we have that it was him or just his administration? We know it was Tavares. We also know it was Obama because it wasn't stopped right away.

Thomas Ryan

First, Golocal needs to shut down multiple voting by an IP address on all of its polls. Second, this is apples and oranges and an absurd comparison. That being said, no one was denied an ambulance because of the Providence pool closing--it was a policy decision about resources. Taking Governor Christie at his word, the traffic lanes were staffers going rogue and making reckless decisions that endangered lives.

Art West

Well, if you're talking about abuse of government power, I'd say forcing people to buy a health insurance product that was defined and shaped by the same government applying the force is the king of abuse.

Using lies as a tactic to sell the scheme adds insult to injury.

G Godot

Of course if I were a dumbocrat I'd be right careful about getting too "professionally outraged" about a ranking politician having a problem with crossing a bridge.
It comes with the territory, Christie, the Clintons believe in taking out the opposition EARLY. BTW, stay out of Central Park, eh?
I would not object to your use of the "Obmama didn't know" defense so often proffered by the defenders of dear leader on a regular basis. Works for HIM. I guess he just didn't know that you COULDN'T keep your health plan.

fedupwithri jones

This is a really dumb poll

G Godot

BTW, the left has a big problem with thinking their "droppings" don't have an odor. It seems that Al "Climate Change" Gore's operatives staged a traffic jam in New Hamposhire to disuade Bill Bradley voters from going to the polls once upon a time. The Boston media figured it out quickly but all they had to say were asides about politics being a blood sport and that boys will be boys. "The hurley burley of national politics" The staffer who thought up and staged the traffic tie up NOW works for the Clintons.

G Godot

ANd we must not forget that TWICE, sealed divorce records suddenly appeared to discredit Obama opponents in his quest for public office. You know the Chicago 'authorites" looked "high and low" for the culprit (s). Oh LOOK, ANOTHER pig hovering out of the Chicago stockyards.

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