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poll: Who is More Polarizing? Chafee or DePetro

Monday, December 16, 2013


Who is More Polarizing? Chafee or DePetro

  •     718 vote - WPRO's John DePetro
  •     544 vote - Governor Lincoln Chafee

The battle over John DePetro's on air behavior rose to another level when the least popular Governor in America called for him to be fired? Then, late last week just about every elected official in Rhode Island joined Lincoln Chafee in calling for DePetro's removal and pledging not to appear on WPRO.

According to Brown University's Taubman Center's polling data, Lincoln Chafee scores just a 23% approval rating from Rhode Islanders. The decay of Chafee's approval rating is one of the biggest drops in RI political history. In 2004, 56% of Rhode Islanders approved of Chafee's performance in office - when he was a U.S. Senator.

Chafee has taken hits for his argument to save the life of a murderer from the death penalty, argued for illegal immigrants to receive drivers licenses, and refused to call a Christmas tree a  Christmas tree (until this year, when Chafee reversed himself).

Tuesday is D-Day for DePetro, he is scheduled to return to the airwaves from "vacation." Chafee has announced he will not run for re-election.

Who is the more polarizing? Governor Lincoln Chafee or talk show host John DePetro.


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Jim D

Someone needs to explain to me why DePetro and his wife weren't charged with defrauding radio advertisers when they faked Arbitron input years ago.

Chafee may be polarizing but he isn't a criminal.

Dave Barry

I cannot believe that an elected official, particularly a Governor, would call for such an attack upon free speech. The supreme court and our founders, all smarter than Chafee, have correctly pointed out that it is the most upsetting and vile speech that needs protection. No one reciting flowery platitudes needs protection.

The governor and the union activists would love to 'silence' their critic but at what expense? Free speech? Short sighted and ignorant.

Walter Miller

Is this the same missing Linc who hid behind the supposed words of Roger Williams about separation of church and state? Mr. Williams fled MA for religious freedom. Doesn't free speech merit as much concern Linc? What a phony.

James Berling

Chafee isn’t polarizing.

He is universally dismissed.

Gary Arnold

DePetro is at least antagonizing the public in debate and most of the time he has good points, who can hit 100, no one. As for our Governor, he is a lost little person that is way out of his league in a crisis time in RI. Chafee should be taken to court for being derelict in his duty and wantonly hurting the state of RI by being so anti business.
Think about the wasted time, money, legislation and moving chairs around to gain ZERO in any improvement in our spending, taxing, organization for efficiency, cultivating a business friendly environment or for that matter anything positive. I keep wondering if a Governor like Cristy were here, what a positive difference might have been made. Total waste at a critical time in RI, we needed a leader, we got a bobble head that built more social services and non economic road blocks, not the right guy for anytime in RI.

G Godot

It's not nice to discomfort a member of the ruling trust fund elite.
They have a lot of money, they got into Camp Bruno (somehow) and they are always right. They have better voices in their heads than we do.

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